Exploring Literature -Clemente Week 3

All the details from today’s class (Week 3) are at the bottom of this page! Enjoy!


Hello All,

the image above is from a walk into the bush around my place yesterday. These are wax flowers (Eriostomon Australis) here they sit so beautifully against the background of a sandstone cave. The bush is full of these flowers at the moment. It is not yet spring, but spring has definitely sprung!

So this week we are continuing our journey through the language of poetry, the way it can bring us deeply into another person’s experience and the way it can tease us with so many layers of thought.

Today we will be looking at a number of new poems as well as exploring some of the language that is used to describe aspects of poetry.

For now, here are a few juicy blog topics that might excite your imagination this coming week:

1/ What kind of woman do you think was Shakespeare’s “Mistress”? (Use Sonnet 130 as a guide!)

2/ In either prose or poetry write a short appreciation of the unnamed “Master” or “Mistress” in your own life. Is he or she “nothing like the sun”….?

3/ Describe in a short paragraph how this contact with literary language that you have been having in these last few weeks has been opening your eyes to new possibilities in your life.

4/ Describe in as much detail as you can the journey from where you live to class today. Use descriptive words that bring all your senses into play (sight, sound, touch, smell,  movement). Where possible use words that have a sound in themselves (like “squelch”, “squirm”, “quack”, “ricochet”, “rumble” etc… I am sure you can find many more).

5/ Create a topic of your very own and write a few stanzas (poetry) or a paragraph (prose).

Thank you all for your animated discussion today. Here is the white board image that went with our class:


Here are the audio versions of today’s animated discussions:

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