Reading Australia Week 4




Thank you all today for your keen participation in this adventure. Reading Australia clearly has a number of connotations. Does it mean the Australian books we read, or does it mean the way that artists and writers “read” their country. In other words what attitudes, values, emotions colour the way they see the world. We had a huge variety of slants on this today (view many in the LEO folder). We moved from McCubbin through to Nolan, Whiteley and Lin Onus… a huge range….

So blog questions for this week:

1/ Broad- what new attitudes to Australia did you note from today’s visit?

2/ Which particular artist spoke most to you in relation to the topic Reading Australia?

3/ Which artist had for you the strongest connection with our literary texts?

4/ Be brave and invent your own topic: for example give a dramatic example of how YOU Read Australia!



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