Best Australian Literature Blogs 2017


Russell Drysdale “The Mountain Has Its Own Meaning” Judith Wright

An occasion for celebration: 

Australian Literature – a first year unit at Australian Catholic University- has again produced an extraordinary group of bloggers. Their work reveals how blogging has enabled them to connect with Aust. Lit. in a way that expands beyond the rigours of an academic discipline (research essays & exams). Here, in their blogs they are enabled to speak freely, informally and interact with each other in ways that opens new doorways to understanding and new relationships with each other through their interest in ideas and literary forms. In addition this space gives them opportunities to not only reflect critically on the texts but, when they feel inspired, to imitate their favourite authors creatively. In this way, this bunch of literature students has been immersed in literary study in a much more holistic way than is conventionally possible. Thank you all the students who took part in this venture, but especially this group who all got an HD in their blogs for their outstandingly creative exploration of this medium:

Yasmin Al Khatib

Jesse Anderson

Tara Briggs

Helena Citroni

Jemma Hall

Kim Hoang

Madeleine Ripley

Joshua Straw

Anthony Young

Thank you All!!!





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