Romanticism Week 3

So how have I been responding to all these radical ideas developed during the Romantic period? What has caught my attention as being especially relevant to my own experience and my own period of history? Now is my chance to express something of my reaction to all I have been reading, either in the form of a critical or a creative response. Here are a few suggestions. Take any one of these or create your own. And where possible find some way of visually supporting your writing to make your blog really worth visiting.

Write a letter to either William or Dorothy Wordsworth expressing your sense of how their writing has helped to open your eyes in a new way.

Explore a vivid and meaningful moment in your own experience- similar to Coleridge’s “Frost at Midnight”- and write a short poem or prose piece that captures the intensity and significance of the experience. 

There was much writing in the Romantic period challenging attitudes towards race (especially in the context of slavery). Our readings have covered William Blake’s “The Little Black Boy”, William Cowper’s “The Negro’s Complaint” and Oladuah Equino’s Gustavus Vassa. Write a brief prose summary of what you think is the essence of these writer’s attitude to racism.

Write a letter to Mary Wollstonecraft in response to a paragraph from either her “Dedication to … Perigord” or to her “Vindication of the Rights of Women”. Tell her why you support her views on what women need to do. 


William Blake’s illustration to his poem “The Human Abstract” 

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