Writing by and about Indigenous Australians

This week we have entered into the wonderful world of indigenous writing as a context for our study of Kim Scott’s That Dead Man Dance. And for us we are blessed that this study falls in the context of the Garma Festival [click on the link]which is taking place in Arnhem Land as we speak. This festival is continuing the good work of the Uluru National Convention [click on the link] last year where Aboriginal Elders met to discuss the future of the relationship between the First Nation and our Government. What was especially, breathtakingly good about the Garma Festival is the wonderful keynote address that was given by prize winning Australian author Richard Flanagan, who, in his address, also revealed that he himself has an Aboriginal heritage. His address must be heard by all Australians. Please forward the link to anyone you think might be interested. Do not begin research on your essay before you listen to this address!  [click on the link on the image below]

Firstly I have not yet given any blog topics because your first blog is not due till Sunday 26th August… however, if you do want to get started (and I know some of you do) then drawing on today’s lecture you could do the following:

CREATIVE: Describe the landscape that you love best and say what it is about the landscape that really draws you to it. Can you maybe also suggest why you think (from your own history and background) this landscape above all others captures your imagination, your Whole Being?

IF you prefer to something CRITICAL (Then try this on for size): What for you are the four most important ideas that come through in Richard Flanagan’s Carma Corporate Dinner- and why do you think they are important?

There will be more blog topics put up next week… but this is just for the early starters… and please if you haven’t put your blog URL into LEO yet please do so NOW!

Today’s lecture can be found here:

And the slides that accompanied this can be found here (sorry about the typo!):

Week 2 Slids

And today’s tutorial 4 can be found here:

And here are the white-board images from this tutorial:



And- yes…. we will be coming back to finish this next week!

And here are the PowerPoint slides used by Elaine in her tutorials:

week 2 overview


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