Some Extraordinary 20th Century Literature Blogs


Please enjoy reading some of these amazing blog entries by students studying 20th Century Literature at ACU. Thank you all for the hard work that has gone into these entries:

Thank you Helena for this wonderful re-imagining of  Paul Baumer’s letter to the Frenchman’s wife: Click here.

Thank you Dhwani for this amazing Hopkins imitation: Click here.

Thank you Pamela for this fabulous understanding of Chaplin’s anti-war message: Click here.

Thank you Ana-Louise for these wonderful insights into Malta: Click here. And for this fabulous imitation of Virginia Woolfe: Click here.

Thank you Anthony for this hear-rending story about your Great Grandfather killed in action: Click here.

Thank you Naomi for this most creative Hopkinsian inspiration: Click here. 

Thank you Mariah for your blog on Grayson and Banksy: some great insights into some of the criticism of contemporary society that literature and art are providing Click here.

And thank you for sharing that iconic Banksy image which brings us right into the central concerns of the 21st Century:

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