Some Fabulous Blogs from The Visionary Imagination.


Students completing a unit on The Visionary Imagination with a focus on William Blake, Brett Whiteley and Patrick White have produced their first batch of blogs and there are some wonderful entries. Here are some of the most compelling entries: enjoy. And thank you the creators!

CREATIVE TASK- Write a letter to William Blake asking him if he can help you to come closer to an understanding of the Visionary experience he speaks about in his letters.”

Here is Jessica Smith’s thoughtful, economical response- Click Here. 

CREATIVE TASK: In a poem or short prose piece describe a situation where you have either seen or experienced a dramatic difference in the state of a human being and its impact on the world around. (This question relates to William Blake’s advice that we find moments in which our way of seeing the world is cleansed and deepened)

2 Wonderful responses to this: 

Felicity McManus- Click Here.

Rachelle Lannape- Click Here. 

CRITICAL TASK: Reflect on your contact with the work of Brett Whiteley (especially his painting Alchemy) and its connection with William Blake.

2 Thoughtful contributions here:

Claudia Stafrace- Click Here.

Joey O’Reilly- Click Here.  

Joey’s blog contains an insightful assessment of the tragic irony of Whiteley’s drug addiction and also a wonderful poem that celebrates Whiteley’s artistic philosophy (with specific reference to Alchemy  that “art should astonish, transmute, transfix”.

And one amazing entry by Brendon (Bernard) Johnson which explores Brett Whiteley’s CD and LP collection and shows how intertwined Brett’s painting process was with his listening to music, music that was intimately connected with William Blake’s creative imagination: Patti Smith & The Doors (or Perception….)- Click Here.

CREATIVE TASK Imagine the character that lies behind this face (this of course being William Blake’s death mask:


Last, but certainly not least here is Tom Whitaker’s fabulous response to this. Tom has doubts but I think he hits the mark in his closing paragraphs- Click Here. 

Thank you all!

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