Morning Walk Down Lyre-Bird Gulley- Begins with Stone lyre-bird ends with Flesh lyre-bird.

The walk down Lyre-Bird Gulley (from Mount Kuring-gai down to Calna Creek and on to either Crosslands or Berowra Waters) now begins with this beautiful stone carving of a lyre-bird created by Noel Rosten (Australian Plant Growers’ Assocation) and his team of native plant enthusiasts from Asquith Boy’s High School. This lyre-bird and the gulley itself is a fitting memento to Noel who was tragically killed recently (at age 85) outside his own home in Berowra. He and his team have regenerated the first few hundred metres of the walk putting in native plants along the sides of the track.


And here are still some of the wonderful spring flowers that can be seen all along the track down towards the creek:

And just before my turnaround point heading back up I was greeted by the wonderful echoing sound of this flesh and blood lyre-bird: enjoy!

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