The Visionary Imagination: William Blake, Patrick White, Brett Whiteley, Allen Ginsberg- Celebrating Class of 2018 ePortfolio/Blogs




This was perhaps the most creative component of all the blogs: those many stories about strangers or family members who provided a trigger for seeing the world in a totally new way.

Here is Jamie’s wonderful story about his sister from Vietnam in which he “describes a totally ordinary person in such a way that you reveal their inner humanity, totally different from what their exterior appearance might suggest”: thank you Jamie!

Here is Claudia’s amazing meeting with a total stranger with the same topic as Jamie’s: CLICK. 

And here is Alexandra’s story again on this topic:

And here is Rachelle’s wonderful Blakean story about a situation where you have either seen or experienced a dramatic difference in the state of a human being and its impact on the world around. Thank you Rachelle:

And here is Felicity’s equally extraordinary story on the same subject- but a different person… so well described. Thank you Felicity!


The most creative life-changing response to the unit: thank you Tara!

The most inspiring Blakean visionary moment- thank you again Tara!




Blake and the Doors with Tara:

Fabulous reflections on Patti Smith’s song My Blakean Year (2004) written as a response to Rachelle’s inspiration and understanding of William Blake and his ideologies.



Biancah’s wonderful piece on how the journey to Brett Whiteley’s studio mirrored the actual painting Alchemy itself:

Brendon’s amazing reflections on the Brett Whiteley Gallery visit. Thank you Brendon!

The Best Blog on Brett Whiteley’s Alchemy by Victoria Zullo:


A Blakean poem inspired by Patti Smith. Thank you Brendon!

Jessica’s poem inspired by Brett Whiteley’s “Alchemy”. Thank you Jessica!

Tom’s fabulous poem inspired by Brett.  Thank you Tom!

Joey’s powerful poem inspired by Brett. Thank you Joey!

Naomi’s poem about a Blakean devil



Victoria Zullo’s reflections on Patrick White’s Religious Stance:

Suzanne’s great reflections on Patrick White’s artistic imagination.

Here is Alexandra’s reflections on Patrick White’s complex religious position:



The Best Summative Entry of all: Thank you Brendon!

Alexandra Poeder sense of the value of the iconoclastic point of view of all the authors and writers in the unit. Thank you Alexandra!

Victoria Zullo’s comprehensive Summative Entry on Blake, Whitely and White:

Claudia’s Summative Entry expressing how Visionary Imagination, as expressed in the work of William Blake, Patrick White and Brett Whiteley “has given me a new way of seeing and understanding the world”. Thank you Claudia!

And last but not least, here is the only youtube offering in this batch, Marija’s dramatic reading of the Nurse’s Song….


Thank you All!!







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