New York 2019 Tutorial 2


Hi All, thank you for your wonderful contributions to today’s classes. We felt that you learnt a lot and -if you read the texts and ready and listen to the study guides you should not have a problem with our quizzes. The drama quiz will remain on January 9th (NSW & VIC 11-12; QLD 10-11. The literature quiz will now be on Monday 14th January from 10-12 NSW and VIC and 9-12 for QLD. The drama quiz will allow you 45 minutes to complete your questions; the literature quiz (because it has one extra question) will allow you 55 minutes. Enjoy your preparation. As was said in the tutorials, the whole point of these quizzes is to maximise your enjoyment and appreciation of this amazing educational tour that your are about to have!

Here are the audios from today’s tutorials. Listen to these in conjunction with the pdf slides posted in LEO:


Also: one of our Sydney gang (Jackson Eagles) was stoked to hear references to Kendrick Lamar in the short clip about James Baldwin’s legacy for future African Americans:

Jackson shared with us his enthusiasm for this amazing young African American singer and recommended the following youtube tracks:

You can also find a heap of Youtube videos of Kendrick… but be warned of the strong language….  But this is strongly in the tradition of James Baldwin…

Here are a couple to get you started:



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