Made it to New York for the start of our amazing tour through the literary and dramatic haunts of this awesome city! Join us for our adventure

Take- off


Stop-over in LA (LAX)

The highs and the lows of digital creativity in the LAX Terminal. Here is American digital artistry on show:

And here is art as handmaiden of consumerism- in your face!!!!


Arrival in New York….  a blissful 2 degree C (after the nearly 40 in all three cities from which our group of students are drawn: Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney:


Into New York via Coach Academy -with wonderful tour guide Lee- full of New York stories drawn from his 81 years of having lived in this city. Enjoy these few clips from our entrance into the city….


Into Broadway Theatre district where we are going to see a number of Broadway plays over the next few das:

And New York – a safe place!!!!


Keep watching over the next few days for more highlights!


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