Introduction to Nineteenth Century Literature

Off to a great start with Nineteenth Century Literature! So good to sense your interest and enthusiasm in the Romantic poets. We are going to enjoy this ride through this amazing century together!

Here are the recordings for this week’s lectures and tutorials and also a few blog topics to get you started:


Possible Blog Topics


1/ You have just heard and discussed Coleridge’s “silent icicles, / Quietly shining to the quiet Moon….” Write your own description in prose or poetry of some moments of intense silence where you feel your experience has opened up to a new world of understanding.


1/ Can you say briefly what was the most important idea(s) that came from this morning’s lecture or tutorial? Can you also say why it was important to you?

2/ See if you can find out a little more about why Coleridge wrote “Frost at Midnight” and whether his wife appreciated this poem.

Either Critical or Creative

Create your own topic based on any aspect of this morning’s lecture or tutorials.

Remember that images (photos) etc can be an important part of your blogs…


Screen Shot 2019-02-27 at 1.29.51 pm

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