Clemente Mount Druit- Week 2

We had a wonderful morning in which we explored the magic of Judith Wright’s poetry, especially in her poem “A Wattle Tree”. So many good responses to this poem from the class showed that Judith Wright really does have a way of making us see the landscape in a totally new, transformed, way. And the rhyme in her poem really brings out some of the most important ideas and experiences that the poem presents:

Sun/ One– the sun is the central and sole source of all life on earth

Unfold/ Gold– Gold is the most precious substance on the earth here opening out like a flower

Rejoice/Voice– we rejoice with our voice when we are completely in harmony with ourselves and the world around.

Screen Shot 2019-03-05 at 8.57.30 am

You can listen to our conversation about this poem and about some of the material connected with “The Mountain’s Own Meaning” in the two recordings below. Enjoy.

Remember also that you can access a wonderful reference resource on the language of poetry by clicking on item no 7 in the sidebar in this blog!

And here are a couple of the white board images that followed along our conversation yesterday (you can click on these images to enlarge them):

And here also are two additional Blog Topics that you can add to list week’s list. Remember you only need to do ONE of these topics by Sunday of this week. If you can’t do it in WordPress then please write it/ type it out and bring it to class next Monday. If you do get your Blog into WordPress then please send me your URL- to (or put it into LEO).

New Blog Topics:

1/ What does the wattle tree become in Judith Wright’s imagination? Expand on the notes you made on this question in class. Write a minimum of 200 words and be sure to check your spelling…..

2/ Write a short prose description or try writing a short poem about a tree that really means a lot to you personally. You might even include a photograph of your favourite tree, describing it in detail in your own words….

Enjoy the process of writing and creating!!@!

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