Some Gems from the first crop of blogs



Here is a beautiful description of a / Coleridgean apprecation of nature in the Australian context: – Thank you Anthony!

Here is a companion piece to Anthony’s:   Thank you Julie for sharing your passion for the stillness of the Australian bush!

Here is a wonderful account of a Wordsworthian moment in Nepal: – thank you Alexandra

Here is an amazing description of “Silence” stimulated by reading the Romantic poets;– Thank you Nicola

Here is a contemporary response to Marlowe’s Shepherd trying to seduce his shepherdess with material goods: – Thank you Lily…

And here is another modern varation on this theme: – Thank you Claudia

And here is an amazing recreation of what it is like to be inside the fairy world of A Midsummer Night’s Dream: – Thank you Greg..

And here is a further variation on this theme: – thank you Lendsay!

And if you wanted to know everything about Judi Dench’s Shakespearean Acting Career go no further:– thank you Mikaela…

Finally we have a nymph’s serious challenge to a mail suitor: thank you Suzanne: 

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