Australian Literature: Late Colonial- Early Federation: Gilmore, Lawson, O’Dowd etc….


So this is the period when Australian Literature and Art began to celebrate its independence from the tyranny of England: notice the fireworks over Sydney Town Hall on Federation day!!! But This was really not good enough for die-hard republicans like Henry Lawson and Mary Gilmore who saw the continuing injustices in Australia society- which they lay at the feet of the Anglophile business-men, bank-owners and all who were connected with the British hierarchy! So today we went over much useful background putting this literary and artistic period into its social and historical context. Here are the slides we went over, and underneath that the recordings from today, and underneath that the whiteboard images used and underneath that some new Blog Topics!!! Enjoy- but please don’t write such long sentences in your own work! !I am not being a good example here!!!):

Late Colonial- Early Federation

If these recordings are too faint, try these:


And here are some new Blog Topics

arising out of Week 4- You only need to do one of them and you don’t need to write any more than 200 words, but you can of course do more if you wish :)…

1/ Dame Mary Gilmore’s “Eve Song” paints the picture of a woman who is conflicted by her role as a mother and wife. Do you agree with this? Write your own account of what you think Dame Mary Gilmore is trying to show us about the experience of an Australian woman.

2/ “A Masculine World”. Do you agree that this is an accurate description of Australia then and now?

3/ Write a poem or short prose piece in which you draw attention to an experience in your own life which shows the experience of women in Australia.

4/ Write a short poem or prose piece which shows the real value of men in Australian society.

5/ Do a little research on the life of Dame Mary Gilmore (from some of the links given in LEO) and present a short synopsis of what you think is most important to know about her life.


Looking forward to seeing your work and especially to seeing you all at the Art Gallery next week. 

How to get to the Gallery: By Bus we hope…. but here are instructions if you are planning to get there any other way. I hope that we can meet at the Gallery by 11.30 am Monday (I am assuming that it will take that long for the bus to get there if it leaves around 10.15 on next Monday morning.

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