Ben Jonson’s Shakespeare and More About Midsummer!

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We had a wonderfully dramatic day today with hours spent on Ben Jonson’s extraordinary poem in praise of his rival William Shakespeare, followed by much hilarity watching Egeus challenging Theseus to help him tame his recalcitrant daughter into marrying the man she DOES NOT LURVE!! We then finished with a beautiful poetic rendering of the lurve song between Hermia and her belurved Lysander which demonstrate Shakespeare’s amazing linguistic versatility as he shifts gears from the language of the court to the language of LURVE….. enjoyed by all! Please find images, recordings etc right here.

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And Here are Some Exciting New Blog Topics


Critical and Creative ( you chose which category you put your offering in to)


*Theseus goes off with Egeus and Demetrius after telling Hermia what she has to do to prevent being executed or being sent to a nunnery for life. Imagine the conversation that takes place between Theseus, Egeus and Demetrius – off stage.

Give an example from your own life where


you have successfully confronted male domination

2/ *OR

where male domination has impinged negatively on your life.


3/ *You are Helena. Tell Demetrius what you really think of him and then tell Lysander what you think about him. You can do this in poetry or prose.


4/ *You are Hippolyta. Speak your own mind about what you really think about the interactions between Egeus, Thesues, Hermia, Demetrius and Lysander.


5/ *Write a short analysis of how the language of Egeus is used to express his fury.

Screen Shot 2019-03-19 at 5.28.42 pmScreen Shot 2019-03-19 at 5.29.23 pm

Also please find the directions to the Art Gallery which we will be visiting at 12 and 12.45 next Tuesday, before our 2.30 meeting at the State Library outside the bookshop and coffee shop in Macquarie Street – Please be sure to register for these in LEO. Please also remember to purchase tickets for The Merchant of Venice if you have not yet done so CLICK HERE TO PAY:- you can bring family and friends!!



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