The Tempest – Take 3: Musick and Masques

Hi All, today we covered the core ideas of music (Musick!) and the Masque in The Tempest.  These are the central clue to the deepest meaning of this play. In particular we explored the way that Ariel (pictured on the right) manages to persuade Prospero (on the left) to bring more empathy into his relationship to other human beings. There is that iconic line from Prospero which indicates his “conversion” in which he praises “virtue” instead of “vengeance”. This idea is in fact repeated a few times in the play. Here are the slides from yesterday’s lecture

The Tempest Week 9Screen Shot 2019-04-16 at 2.53.35 pm

And here is the audio! Enjoy

Find blog topics from the slides and also from the list below:

  • Explain what you think is the meaning of “The rarer action is/ In virtue than in vengeance”.
  • In the voice of Ariel tell the audience what you think of Prospero.
  •  In the voice of Miranda tell the audience what you think of Ferdinand.
  •  In the voice Ferdinand tell the audience what you think of Miranda.
  •  In the voice of Gonzalo tell the audience what you think about the outcome of the events of the play.
  •  Imagine yourself on a remote island on which you have never seen anyone else than your father and one or two of his strange helpers. Describe how you will react when you suddenly see a group of young people coming to greet you out of nowhere. Miranda says
    • O wonder!
    • How many goodly creatures are there here!
    • How beauteous mankind is! O brave new world
    • That has such people in’t!
    • What words would you use?
    • globe2

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