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Please find the slides for this week posted into Leo Module 9.

Here is the audio for this week. This contains vital information for your final assessment!




1. Write a short paragraph describing a family conversation in which it is clear that all parties in the conversation are talking at cross-purposes without listening to each other.

2. Write a letter from Ivan Illych to Gerasim telling him how and why he has valued his attentions so much during the last days of his life.

3. Describe Tolstoy in intimate detail as he appears on the front cover of our text or in any of the images of him you have seen. Describe his clothes, his environment, the way he is holding his hands and especially the look on his face… and maybe one or two of his thoughts!


3. Create a digital resource kit for some of the very best material available on Tolstoy on the net. Present it in such way that your reader/viewer has real confidence in your choices.

4. Why did Tolstoy lose faith with his own class and identify himself with the Russian peasants? Write a succinct short paragraph that explains this curious turn of events in his life.

5. Research the criticism on the recent film that was made of Tolstoy’s life. Do the critics agree on the kind of insight this film gave into his life?

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