Some fabulous Blogs coming out of The Clemente Mount Druitt class! Please comment on their blogs!

Hi All,

I am just working my way through the blogs produced by our Mount Druitt, Clemente contingent. Many of these students are coming to study for the first time, or are returning to study from many years ago. They will love any comments you will give them, and there are some fabulous entries there.

Take a look for example at this amazing poem by Julie:

And take a look at the rest of the crew here ( for some of them English is their second or third language)- Enjoy – and comment!:

Jenny (Jennifer) Bird

Vivian Bazanez-Bell

Alana Broomham

Geoffrey Graham

Laura Green

Julie Hawkins

Heather Broomham

Honeylene Matin-ao

Lourdes Murphy

Rita (Marguerite) Tobin

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