Clemente Mount Druitt- Grand Finalé

Thank you Heather, for creating this fabulous short “video” of our time together!!

Our final day with Clemente students at Mount Druitt took us through a tour of the wonderful blogs these students have been producing as well as their presentation of scenes from Louis Nowra’s play The Golden Age. It was a very special day for us all, filled with beautiful memories of our intensive time together over twelve weeks. We all got to know each other, our quirks, passions and enthusiasms. Thank you to all for today’s efforts: to Adi for his wonderful quick ability to play the part of Mac, to Trent to his fearless requests for coffee!, to Alana for her amazing male get up (despite her broken hand), to Laura for her polished performance as a young man, to Honeylene, Vivian and Lourdes who brought so much of their wonderful home culture into this curious Australian play, to Julie who played such an intoxicating Bathsheb, to Geoff who held the domineering male part of the play together- and to John without whose august presence our classes would not have had the historical context they had, to sisters Jennifer and Heather who gave so much of their enthusiasm, their fears and their hopes and who performed so graciously today, to Malia for her dedicated support for our relationship to the parish, to Heather for holding the whole thing together with all her props, morning teas and timely presence every week, to our wonderful learning partners: Suzanne (bringer of coffee and lover of egg sandwiches), Judith who supported students so well in their careful work, Jeff who brought his eagle academic eye to some of the essays and last but not least to Joseph who brought each week his group of handicapped students to take part in the joys of our weekly feast…. and how’s that for a very short sentence!!!!! Thank you all- I loved being part of your lives for this short period: hope to see you all again some time soon.

Good wishes


Here you can listen to it all happening

And here you can look at the star studded blogs and the backdrops used for The Golden Age- in performance…

Clemente 2018 Finale Mt Druitt


And if you want to follow any of these bloggers in their present and continuing work, then please click on their work, comment and sign up:

Jenny (Jennifer) Bird

Vivian Bazanez-Bell

Alana Broomham

Geoffrey Graham

Laura Green

Julie Hawkins

Heather Broomham

Honeylene Matin-ao

Lourdes Murphy

Rita (Marguerite) Tobin


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