Best Blogs for Nineteenth Century Literature 2019

There have been some truly wonderful blogs from our 19th Century Literature Group this semester. Thank you all, it has been a feast! I would like to publish everyone here because everyone has made such a great effort, but it makes more sense to select a few that carry the flavour of the whole. Thank you- and Celebration- for all!!!!

The links below will take you to the comments on the blogs; just scroll back to the start of each blog to capture the flavour of what has been said. Screen Shot 2019-06-18 at 2.10.29 am

Here is the best summative entry on meditative aspects of 19th Century Literature. Thank you Serena:

Here is the best poem from the group. Thank you Nicola

Read here about Lauren’s wonderful decision not to follow the Romantics into the bush. Thank you Lauren for your insight and wisdom!

Here is a great summary of why  blogging can be and is such a valuable tool in the studying of literature:

Thank you so much Sandy.

Here is one of our many American students keen to share her experiences of being in Australia. Thank you Kaitlyn:

And here are some of the overall, very best and thought provokin summative entries from the group. Thank you Nicola, Izabela, Veronica and Hamish:



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