Early Colonial Australian Literature (2019)

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this week we begin our exploration of Nineteenth Century Literature in Colonial Australia. It begins with the voices of convicts, aboriginals, the first “native” born colonial poets (such as Charles Harpur and Henry Kendall) and some of the first women writers in the colony: Louisa Anne Meredith and Catherine Helen Spence.

Browse through these images which I will be expanding with a lecture on Monday: enjoy!

Colonial Literature Week 3 2019

Here is the audio version of this lecture:


And here are the audios for each of the 3 tutorials (find white board images below). Each tutorial was slightly different. I recommend especially listening to the third in the row.

Screen Shot 2019-08-09 at 8.41.40 pm

Blog Topics for your first blog. 

Please choose any of these topics or create your own:

CRITICAL– Write a short paragraph on why you think the Garma Festival is so important to indigenous culture today.

CREATIVE– For Judith Wright the Mountain has its own meaning. Describe a favourite place that has a real meaning for you that you would hate to see destroyed.

CRITICAL– Choose any one of the authors that you have heard about in the first weeks of the unit and create a mini-digital kit made up of a short (interesting) biography and a list of useful, annotated, web links.

CREATIVE- Who is an Australian? Describe your own  national and cultural background and explain why it is definitely part of what makes up our Australian nation.

CRITICAL- Which poem or story that we have looked at so far made an impression on you? What was the impression it made? Why did it touch your feelings and imagination?

CREATIVE– Which poem or story that we have looked at so far made an impression on you? What was the impression it made?  Can you imitate the poem or story and create your own poem or story drawing on your own personal experience.

CRITICAL- Discuss what you think are the key differences and benefits of poetry that is “transparent” versus poetry that is “opaque”

CREATIVE- Create your own creative work drawing on any of the work we have been exploring and anchoring it in your own experience.

CRITICAL– Create your own critical exploration of any of the works or ideas that we have been exploring.

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