William Blake The Songs of Innocence- 2 – With The Doors and Patti Smith…

Today we launched into The Doors‘ “Break on Through” and spoke about how this was a Blakean 20thC explosion manifesting musically Blake’s core idea of “cleansing the doors of perception” (from The Marriage of Heaven and Hell).

We then plunged right on into Patti Smith’s wonderful “My Blakean Year” in which she sings about her heartfelt sense of how Blake provides so many deep and powerful answers to the way we can relate to the difficulties that we all face as human beings:

The lecture rolled on through an annoted commentary on the film “Singing for England”. Listen to it all right here:

We followed this lecture with tutorials on the Introductions to The Songs of Innocence and The Songs of Experience– fabulous content from all the students… hope it can be heard!!!!

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