William Blake Songs of Innocence and Experience- Catch-Up-Week

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Please find here the images and the wonderful audio discussions that wove around our exploration of some of Blake’s key songs, especially “London”, “The Divine Image” and “The Human Abstract”.

Blog topics arising for this week include the following:

CREATIVE: Use the first line of any of Blake’s poems and write your own poem, based on your own experience of the issues that Blake seems to be addressing.

CRITICAL: What is it that prevents the human from being divine? Answer this question with reference to the two poems explored in today’s tutorial.

CRITICAL: Who was Kathleen Raine? What can you learn about the reasons for her infatuation with Blake’s art and ideas?


  1 comment for “William Blake Songs of Innocence and Experience- Catch-Up-Week

  1. August 21, 2019 at 5:37 pm

    William Blake was a brilliant English Poet…..England’s cricketers sing his hymn ‘Jerusalem’ before every day of a Test Match which is very patriotic and gets the players in the right mood…..

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