Little Gidding

Hello All,

this is the first in a series of four sessions held at the Aquinas Academy in Sydney on T.S. Eliot’s Four Quartets.  This is where you will find an audio recording of the event and the visual images that go with that event. This is also where I will post any useful links to maximise your understanding and experience of the Four Quartets. 

If you have not managed to find a copy of the text itself, the best site for a downloadable or readable copy is right here:

Below I have posted all the images, videos and the audio for today’s class. You will the complete audio (1 hr 55 mins) at the very end of this entry. It may take a time to load onto your computer so be patient. Please listen to the audio in conjunction with the Images

Images for Session 1:   Four Quartets 2019

Please find here also some of the video clips used in todays’s session (and a couple of additional ones!):





Audio for Session1(please listen to this in conjunction with the Images in the file Four Quartets 2019 above): click on the following number….. 



  3 comments for “Little Gidding

  1. November 6, 2019 at 10:44 am

    I thought you were in London. On the weekend I went to a poetry reading by Peter Boyle at Brett Whiteley’s studio. I am sure you would have appreciated it. I would have sent you an invite had I known you were in town.

  2. Peter Solway
    November 6, 2019 at 4:46 pm


    An odd possum’s seasonal devotion,
    Aquinas Academy in Sydney spring
    Level 5? This old marsupial’s plan,
    resume our temporal room

    But beset by buttoned confusion
    pressing, not pressing
    lift neither lifting up nor down
    stalled right then, Janus -doors- twin!

    Dream pews within, our circle of seating
    ticketed belonging, brief tribe of morning
    seats to stay, return at end
    musical chairs to comment, sing!

    Dizzy as an English tea-spoon and moon
    between egg & bacon on the run
    church-chimed lunch to come
    according to ghost of poet, past tense, all gone

    Stillness with wings , menus of anticipation;
    soup to end , dessert to begin
    musical chairs all over again
    move along to histories’ swing

    Oh Sufi’s in orbits of contemplation
    old folks exploring, manic reach of summer cranes
    tilt of sea at circular quay
    crowds without end, a little giddy Rose and me!

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