Top of the Class ePortfolios in American Literature

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Here are the top 12 ePortfolios presented for marking in American Literature ENGL204- and indeed it was very hard to pick between them. All are outstanding examples of the art of blogging and of creating an effective ePortfolio in WordPress. More importantly they all demonstate a passionate interest in the way that literature can shape our way of thinking and experiencing the world in the 21st Century. The fact that all these blogs deal with American literature gives them added power and relevance. As many of the blogs expose we are all (especially in Australia) so dominated by American ideas and values that reading the literature of this huge country creates a way of looking critically at the ideas and values that dominate our thinking. So writing about this is a way of giving us some freedom from the tyranny of the USA, while at the same time giving us space to celebrate the amazing creativity of so many of its poets, novelist, dramatists and thinkers.

It was also really evident that many of you found that having to do blogs in a literature course was quite a liberating experience. Not only did it allow you to express yourselves freely and openly on any subject that took your fancy, but it also allowed you to connect with each other in some really meaningful ways. So thank you all again and enjoy….


Hopefully I will see most of you again next year. Please have a safe and happy holiday- and do lots of reading. As soon as the text books for next semester as in place I will release these into LEO.


Please be sure to click on the American Literature link in these blogs: some of these students have a multitude of simultaneous blogs happening from their one site. So go to American- Summative Entry……. enjoy

Lili Braidner 

Anna Castagnella

Cameron Cole

Izabela Gorgievska

Chloe Hayfa

Georgia Houlihan

Laura Nash

Joey O’Reilly

James Sacco

Huzaifa Shakir

Sarah-Jessica Talarico

Nicola Toigo

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