Top of the Class ePortfolios in The Visionary Imagination ENGL329

Screen Shot 2019-11-27 at 5.27.56 pm

A Section of Brett Whiteley’s Alchemy on display at the Brett Whiteley Studio, Surry Hills

Here are the top 9 ePortfolios presented for marking in Visionary Imagination ENGL329- and again indeed it was very hard to pick between them, although the top 2 in the list scored the maximum marks possible. All are outstanding examples of the art of blogging and of creating an effective ePortfolio in WordPress. More importantly they all demonstrate a passionate interest in the way that literature can shape our way of thinking and experiencing the world in the 21st Century. These blogs have explored the relationship between literature and painting in the work of William Blake and his impact on artists and writers Brett Whiteley and Patrick White. Many of these students have found through this study new ways of understanding and assessing their own experience and event their attitude to spirituality and to God. It has been so refreshing to see how many of you have truly found a resonance in these writers and artists with your own experience. Well done!

It was also really evident that many of you found that having to do blogs in a literature course was a powerfully liberating experience. Not only did it allow you to express yourselves freely and openly on any subject that took your fancy, but it also allowed you to connect with each other in some really meaningful ways. So thank you all again and enjoy….


I suspect that for most of you this is now your last literature class. So I will miss you all and hope that your future leads you into the paths that you most hope for. Please stay in touch and I am always happy to give references as needed.


These students are blogging across a number of different units. Please click on their Visionary Imagination links and go directly to their “Summative Entry”

Alexandra Nematalla

Anthony Young

 Mitchell Frewen 

Izabela Gorgievska

Alina Goro 

Jacob Hall

Taylor-Rose Stevens-Youssef

Joshua Straw

Nicola Toigo

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