Updated my Literature and Life Site.

Hoping you all enjoy this update of my WordPress Web/Blog site. I have now created separate pages for all the various activities in which I am engaged, from University Teaching, through to Extra-Mural (off campus teaching), through to leading contemplative pilgrimages, through to enjoying the wilderness around Sydney. Enjoy all the new content and links on my home page which is now, still at: https://michaelgriffith1.com

A favourite haunt north of Berowra Waters

And here are some of the wonders you see on your way down to the water: Gompholobium Latifolium (Big Yellow Lips!); Day Lily (intense purple delight); Boronia Ledifolia (Sydney Boronia)… and more:
Isopogon Anethifolius and Boronias bursting with colour and design…

  1 comment for “Updated my Literature and Life Site.

  1. February 4, 2020 at 12:12 pm

    Welcome back oh quiet one. I am starting Master of Arts at WSU next month and hope to be able to catch up with you some days. I am in Sydney on Tuesdays. I am also part of the literature community here in the Hunter now, being invited to do poetry readings in a number of venues. The hot weather hurts and health is not optimal but I am in good spirits and writing well.

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