ENGL104 Week 2: Introductions and Bell Shakespeare’s Hamlet at the Opera House!

Today we began with introductions from everyone in the class. So great to meet you all: Stephen, Patricia, Mei(Wei?), Glen, Ken, Alan, Brendan, Branko, Benjamin, Gretta, Ian, David, Michael, Jimmy and Bert!

From there we went into a brief introduction to the difference between the three main genres of literature: drama, poetry and prose. From there we began talking a little about Hamlet, about how this play mirrors the world, even today.

Here is our whole session captured in Audio: enjoy!

And on this same afternoon we wandered down to the Sydney Opera House to see Hamlet. The event began with a great introductory talk by Miranda, an actress with the Bell Shakespeare Company and an Arts Educator. Here is the recording of that event:

Please listen to this recording carefully. After you have listened to this, try writing down a number of things that you really enjoyed about the play itself. Can you also say whether you think Hamlet was a hero in the play or a madman? Also now try to read Hamlet again after having seen the production.
A few pictures will be appearing here shortly too!
Just before the show started!

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