Clemente Surry Hills 2020 Lecture week 3

Hello all, 

Here is the fabulous Zoom Tutorial that we had on Hamlet this week. Wow, so much covered and such great ideas based on your observations of the play last week. How lucky were we to get into the theatre before everything shut down. We can now spend our time studying and preparing for when we re-open. And remember we are all meeting up again next Wednesday at 3pm via Zoom. Simply click on the Zoom link below the tutorial:

Tutorial on Hamlet Wednesday 18th March.

Zoom Meeting Space for Next Wednesday

The first assignment you have is entirely voluntary and is designed to give me a chance to look at your writing skills and give you some direct feedback. It is a short 200 word piece that is a review of the play you saw last week (and believe it or not your were just about the last group to see the play before it shut down!- today). 

In the outline it says: The first assignment is entirely voluntary. For those who want to do this I will look at and correct the writing of all submissions – and they can be submitted either as a blog on WordPress OR as a Word document which could be lodged in the assignment box in LEO. I will show the class tomorrow how to do both of these things.   Voluntary Blog post 1 – Due Tuesday March 24. Write a short review (200 words) of your visit to the Opera House. What comments do you have about the play, the actors, the lighting, the scenery… What did you enjoy most? Did you find the play relevant to our own times? – I am going to accept this as a blog or as document which you can upload into LEO. I will show you in the lecture tomorrow how to create a blog account- if you would like to go down that path. I will also show you where to “drop” your Word assignment if you decide to go down that path.  

Assignment 1: Short Quiz 1: Hamlet- based on reading, watching and performance. Multiple choice and true/false questions. Date and Time: One hour after class on 01/04/20

The details of this assignment are simply that you will be tested on your reading of the play and many of the questions will be related to passages that we go over in class in the next couple of weeks. 


SIMPLY GO TO and follow the prompts to creating your own FREE blog. Don’t be tempted to spend any dollars to upgrade your site. You don’t need any upgrades to have a powerful and functional blogging space. You will need an email address in order for WordPress to check that you are bone-fide. So don’t start the process until you have an email address. Once you have set up your blog you will need to send my your URL which is based on the name you chose for your blog. For example mine is – yours will come out as something similar. When you send my your URL I will be able to look at your writing there  and suggest corrections. This is a space also where you will be able to share your wise words with the rest of the world. 

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