Lecture on our Art Gallery Visit, linking literary texts to some of the paintings.

This amazing painting by Ford Madox Brown in the mid-19th Century shows the powerful interconnections between literature and art. Here is a depiction of the Father of English Poetry, Geoffrey Chaucer, reading his wonder Canterbury Tales to the King. And there are all the medieval people around him who might have formed part of his pilgrimage troupe. Look at the video lecture below to see and hear some of Chaucer’s words speaking out of this very picture! Enjoy!

Click here to listen and watch. Here are some great insights by our students on their experience of the art works viewed together with reflections on literary texts inspired by the paintings or vice versa:


We also on this day began discussing the prose that we will be exploring over the next few weeks. This includes the following authors, all in the Clemente Anthology for this unit:

Kate Chopin (White American- 19th Century)

Henry Lawson (Australian- 19th Century)

Alice Walker (Black American- 20th-21st Century)

Tim Winton (Australian-20th-21st Century)

Here also are the lecture slides that accompanied this introduction:

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