Australian Literature: First Crop of Outstanding Blogs Spring 2021

The Bush from Cowan across the Hawksbury…

Read Loulay’s amazing experience of visiting her grandfather in Lebanon and how this memory was triggered by Lisa Bellear’s “Urbanised Reebocks


Read Anaïs’ passionate response to the racism of the taxi drive in Lisa Bellear’s taxi poem

Anaïs Woods:

Read Chloe’s  powerful entry on Romaine’s Genocide  poem with a real understanding of the wider context of indigenous protest poetry.

 And Verity has similarly tapped into the widest implications of this poem


Read Andrew’s (one of many) first experience of the ULURA Statement from the Heart  and his first hand insights into how our situation here differs from that in New Zealand.

And here also is Isabel’s  compelling response to her first hearing of the ULURA Statement:

Let’s not forget the deep significance of that image with which the unit was started, Judith Wright’s The Mountain’s Own Meaning.

Here is Sarah writing a wonderfully detailed impression of the impact of that image.

And last but far from least is Emilee’s penetrating appreciation of the opening sections of the novel The Yield by Tara June Winch, which we all finished this week

Thank you all for your great, inspiring work.

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