Second Blog 2 Topics for Australian Literature 2021 (Due Friday 3rd September)

Spring Flannel Flowers- Hawkesbury Plateau

List of Topics for your second blog:

  1. Write a first person account of what it is like studying Australian literature during a global pandemic. Give details of how the pandemic has impacted your work (positively and negatively) and how it has impacted the people who you live with. You can of course fictionalise your characters names. Your entry can be either in the form of poetry or prose.
  2. Imagine that you are well known journalist, poet, novelist or dramatist and that your work has been severely impacted by the current lockdowns. How are you coping with the circumstances? Have you found any workarounds for your situation.
  3. Choose any one of the topics listed for your first blog topic that you did not attempt and use this for your second topic.
  4. Create a topic that is entirely your own, that is based around some of the literature and/or art we have been looking at in the first 5/6 weeks of the unit. Make sure that it connects your experience of the literature and/or art with your own experience of life.

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