Final Blogs for Literature Through Time and Space

There have been some amazing blog entries produced since the middle of semester and some of your summative entries about how you have found studying under the impact of Covid are almost worth putting into an Anthology (might in fact happen!). But overall I was deeply moved by the way in which you contributed to each other’s sanity by your courteous and helpful comments on each other’s blogs and also by the way you used the “blogosphere” to hone your own creative talents. I have put links below for many of the best pieces that kept my sane in the last few weeks. Thank you all so much!!

I look forward to teaching some of you next year (Shakespeare ENGL210 and Nineteenth Century Literature ENGL200)

Good wishes to all of you for the holidays and for Christmas.


Best Final Blogs ENGL111

What is it like studying literature through a pandemic. Thank you Gemma for this wonderful realistic picture of life as a student in 2021:

Best summative blogs:

Thank you Payton Ivancic. This is the Best…. such a comprehensive and well written survey and – what is is so special- is the way you have organised this whole summative page so that your reader can simply click on each of your blogs and go right there, to the core of your thoughts on each of those amazing subjects you have chosen. Congratulations! This is the Winner!!!

How studying literature this semester has helped to nurture an understanding of the way a writer’s context influences what they write and how the unit has stimulated creativity- thank you Angeline Parco

How studying Literature through Time and Space provides a way of expanding our own experience into time, past, present and future: Thank you Andre:

The power and purpose of studying literature. Thank you for these powerful reflections Claire Terheegde:

How studying Literature through Time and Space has expanded hugely the limited horizons imposed by the HSC: Thank you for these reflections Alexa Warren:

One of the best summative entries exploring the impact of working on this in the current lockdown:

Thank you Tam Rhode…..

Celebrating all the women writers represented in the unit! Thank you Ashleigh:

Another fabulous blog on the significance of the women writers in the unit. Thank you Emily Kennedy:

And another dramatization of what it would be like to be a woman writer in the early 17th Century (around the time of Shakespeare). Thank you Isobel Luke for this great piece:

And another one on what it was like to be in Aemilia Lanyer’s position. And this one from Julian! Thank you

One of the very best summative blogs, that drills down to the core of what underlies all the literature we have been studying. Thank you Tess Hamill:

Summative Blog that reveals the enrichment of looking across all the centuries:

Thank you Ti(n)a Martic!

Tamara Blakeley- thank you Tamara for this great entry!

Harriet Bridges-Webb- thank you Harriet

Kate Buxton- thank you Kate

Jaimi Andrews- thank you Jaimi

Isobel Luke’s beautifully llustrated and well supported Summative Entry.

Best blog on Thomas Gray – thank you Angelina Antoun- meditative and thoughtful:

A digital kit on Shakespeare’s Othello:- thank you Tamara Blakeley for this amazing resource you have created.

Thank you so much Tamara Blakely!!!!

A Masque set-design for Doctor Faustus: Wow… thank you Harriet Bridges-Webb

And indigenous warrior described through the eyes of Chaucer: An amazing achievement. Thank you Jessica!!!

Seneuila Faitua’s wonderful Summative Entry and her powerfully honest description of life under lock-down:

One of the most powerful imitations of Dorothy Wordsworth’s journals, set in Covid Sydney. Thank you Miho Yamaguchi!!

Most effective Blog Sites overall:

Thank you Emily Daniels

Best Blog Site AND Best Summative Entry:

 Thank you Lily Dodin!

Fantastic photos in a wonderfully articulate creative blogging journal:

Thank you Maddy Gollan.

Great insights into the power of the visual arts on our imagination and feeling:

Thank you Ti(n)a Martic!

A great poem on one’s relationship with one’s Dad inspired by Samuel Johnson. Go for it Annie Shumack- and thank you:

One of the best sonnets produced this semester: in Iambic pentameter & rhyming & all about….. Thank you Alexa

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