Best Blogs out of Australian Literature (ENGL231) 2021

Best Blogs ENGL231

Thank you Anaïs Woods for your beautiful summary of the relevance of the indigenous content  of this unit and of the power of blogging as a way of creating community:

Thank you Emily for your understanding of the way that literature can provide a means of deepening our understanding of what it is to be human:

Izabella Wojtowicz who lost her grandmother in 2021 and herself caught COVID 19 writes with a compassionate sense of humour about how studying Australian Literature provided some relief to her situation. Thank you for your open an honest reflections Izabella:

I am so grateful to have studied Australian literature during a lockdown as it became “a guiding force, a portal of infinite possibilities”- Thank you Georgia Clifton for that observation about the immense power of literary studies, especially of our own country:

Fatima Hussein – having herself fled from a country filled with brutality- responds with deep sympathy to Romaine ‘s picture of Genocide:

Fatima also gives a hear-wrenching picture of her own survival through Covid while completing this unit:

Here is Frances Saad’s understanding of how an appreciation of indigenous literature and culture can deepen an understanding and valuation of our own culture thank you Frances Saad:

Jada Brown’s shout out for introducing more indigenous literature into our schools.

Great work Jada:

Reade Jada Brown’s impression of Australian literature as a “psychological vaccine” in 2021

Andrew Carloss provided one of the best summative entries on the human significance of the texts we have studied, especially during this time of lock-down. Thank you Andrew:

Here are Megan Carter’s reflections on the ways in which Australian Literature can encourage a meditative approach to life. Well done Megan….

Here is a fabulous poem inspired by Judith Beveridge’s visit.  Judith Beveridge who one the Prime Minister’s Award for Poetry in 2019 visited our students this semester. Thank you Delaura Cauchi:

Here is one of the best appraisals of Judith Beveridge’s visit to our class. Don’t miss this one- thank you Georgia

Here is Elaheh Taheri’s  amazing poem (based on her own Persian background)  inspired by Judith Beveridge’s “The Saffron Picker”- thank you Elaheh:

Another great comment on Judith Beveridge- thank you Chloe:

Another brave student contemplating a leap into the dark/light of becoming a poet- thank you Christine!

Thank you Emilee McNaught for your powerful entry on Judith Beveridge’s poems

Here is Jack O’Halloran’s comments on Juidth Beveridge’s  “How to Love Bats”, contrasting Catholic and Buddhist views on creation.  Thank you Jack…

And another wonderful appreciation of Judith’s Buddhist orientation. Thank you Verity Skala:

Finall another fascinating poem by Anaïs woods inspired by Judith Beveridge’s the Lake- thank you Anaïs

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