Show and Tell 19th Century Literature Mid-Semester Blogs… See the best here… THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR AMAZING WORK…

Thanks you Ashleigh for telling us how reading the Romantics has actually changed the way you live your life right now:

Best blog on our Art Gallery visit. Thank you Tia for discovering an epiphanic moment in front of Eugene Von Guerard’s Fig Tree:

How entering the Art Gallery is like entering the gates of paradise:

Thank you Marnitah!

Thank you to Ngoc (Ryan) our international student from Vietnam who has written such an appreciative comment about our visit to the Art Gallery:

Here is Rebecca Saywell telling us why Romanticism can really bring us something needed in the time of a global pandemic. Thank you Rebecca:

An excellent reflection on visiting the Gallery:

And a powerful description of how the ideas in Romanticism can really change our appreciation of our lives:

A very powerful description of how the NSW Art Gallery can feed us with artistic nourishment on a wet day. Thank you Verity..

Great entry on the continuing significance of “The Child is Father of the Man”. Thank you Angeline:

A Powerful comment on the way that Aesthetics often replaced morality in Victorian times, especially towards the end of the century:

Well done Angeline.

And Here are some great examples of Excellent Peer Reviews. Don’t Miss These:

The best peer review:

Thank you Tia! Read the blog she is commenting on too!

Thank you Gemma:

An excellent peer review Gemma. Thoughtful, detailed and encouraging. Thank you!

Another outstanding peer review:

Thank you Verity…

Another outstanding peer review. Thank you Alysha

Another outstanding peer review. Thank you Ema for your critical insights and your care to be supportive at the same time:



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