Shakespeare and the Renaissance: 2nd Blog Topics 2022

  1. Choose one painting seen in the Renaissance selection studied at the gallery today. Describe the painting in details and say how this painting has expanded your understanding of the Age of Shakespeare. If you missed the visit you can still do this topic by focussing on one of the paintings on the document provided for this visit (in LEO). The document contains links for researching each and every one of the paintings in the NSW Art Gallery. It also provides a visual image of the painting which you can copy and include in your blog.

2. Imagine yourself as a character in one of the paintings you have seen today (it can be a painting with a number of characters or it can be a single portrait). Describe how you feel and tell your audience what your world is like right now.

3. What touched you most in your visit to the State (Mitchell) Library, the Shakespeare Room and the Shakespeare sculpture today?

4. Imagine yourself as either an actor or a member of the audience in the first play that was performed in Sydney in 1800 (Shakespeare’s Henry the Fourth, Part 1). Tell your listeners what it was like to be part of the acting team OR part of the audience.

5. Imagine yourself as part of the Sydney theatre-going public in 1800. Describe how you felt when Governor Gidley King banned all drama because he felt that it was creating opportunities of robbery in Sydney town.

6. Create your own question based on anything that has been presented in class in the last two weeks. It can also be a personal reflection on any aspect of the unit so far.

Michael’s last visit (before retirement) with students to the Shakespeare Room, Shakespeare Statue and NSW Art Gallery, 2022- thank you all students over the last 45 years who have given me such joy in my teaching!!

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