Manifesto & Modernism



The creator of the Video art work Manifesto Julian Rosefeldt was asked (in the last essay in the book Manifesto):

… are these old manifestos relevant today?

He answered:

Absolutely. And not just relevant, but also visionary… We’re well advised, therefore to read artist manifestos as seismographs of their age. (seismograph= an instrument that measures and records details of earthquakes, such as force and duration.)

Please see/listen to this interview at:

So what and how does this compilation of Manifestos show us about the forces at work in our world today? As a work of art itself, does this Manifesto, point to anything that we in the 21st  Century need to be responding to?

So there is the first BLOG TOPIC you might like to tackle for this week. Over to you….

If that topic seems out of reach then write a BLOG TOPIC that records the work in the gallery that left the deepest impression on you. Can you describe the work in detail and say why it left that impression on you?

Hope you enjoy(ed) the visit.

See you all next week for T.S. Eliot: keep your eyes on LEO for details.


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