First Blog Topics for 19th Century Literature 2022

Try to stick close to the word length (i.e. 200 words + 50%).  While you won’t be penalised for going over the limit you will only get marked on the permitted length. If possible illustrate your blogs (with images either your own or those available on Google), but be sure to identify the source of your images.  Please also look over the rubric for this assignment because that is what will be used to mark your blogs and peer reviews.

1/ How does the title of the film Pan-daemon-ium describe the strengths and weakness of the Romantic movement as you understand it?

2/ Take one line from any one of the poems that we have been exploring so far this semester and see if you can write your own poem based on the line of your choice.

3/ Create a mini-digital-resource kit on any one of the authors we have looked at so far. This would require you to put together maybe 3 or 4 useful web sites with links, briefly describing how these sites help your reader to deepen their understanding of the author you have selected.

4/ Write a mini short story or a short poem that captures your own experience of being in nature and how this (like the Romantics) has cleansed your mind of clutter.

5/ Create your own topic that is related in some way to one of the topics or poems that we have been exploring.

6/ Say briefly how the ideas of Romanticism have made an impression on your sense of what is important for your life now.

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