Shakespeare and the Renaissance 2022

First Blog Topics.

Try to stick close to the word length (i.e. 200 words + 50%).  While you won’t be penalised for going over the limit you will only get marked on the permitted length. If possible illustrate your blogs (with images either your own or those available on Google), but be sure to identify the source of your images.  Please also look over the rubric for this assignment because that is what will be used to mark your blogs and peer reviews.

1/  Which character in 12th Night do you feel most attracted to? Can you describe the character and say what it is in particular that draws your interest.

2/ Take a single line from any one of the poems we have looked at so far and see if you can create a sonnet on the theme of your chosen line. Try to keep it in iambic pentameter and try to keep it rhyming.

3/ In a brief personal letter tell Shakespeare what you have found most interesting about his life so far. Tell him why you found this detail interesting. Write a short answer to your letter imagining how you think Shakespeare will reply?

4/ Create a brief digital kit for one (1) of the following topics: 12th Night; Shakespeare’s sonnets; the sonnets of the 16th Century;  the nature of the Shakespearean stage. This will require you to put together maybe 3 or 4 useful web sites with links, briefly describing how these sites help your reader to deepen their understanding of the topic you have selected.

5/ Create your own blog topics that is related in some way to one of the topics, poems or dramatic themes that we have been exploring.

6/ Write a short letter to a friend telling her/him why you are studying Shakespeare and why you think this is important for your education.

7/ Chose any one character from 12th Night and write a brief monologue explaining what you think about the events that you find yourself caught up in.

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