Second Blog Topics for 19thC Literature 2022

Second Blogs Topics for ENGL200 Nineteenth Century Literature

1/ Chose any one of the paintings you examined at the gallery yesterday. Copy an image of the painting and include it in your blog. Then describe the painting in detail and say how this painting has amplified your understanding of an aspect of 19th Century Literature. You can find a copyable image of most of the paintings in the gallery at

If you did not go to the gallery then chose one of the paintings in the Art Gallery Questionnaire (in the LEO Module for Week 5). Find the painting in the Art Gallery online collection

2/ Write a short letter to either Jane Austen or Elizabeth Gaskell commending them on their ability to tell a story that shows us about the world in which they live and the values that they admire.

3/ Write a very short story, or a poem about your experience at the art gallery.

4/ Write a very short story, or a poem about your experience as a student of 19th Century literature at ACU in 2022.

5/ Create your own topic on ANY aspect if 19th Century literature and/or art that has capture your imagination and your sense of what is worthwhile for someone in the 21st Century.

John Glover: Ullswater, early morning, circa 1824: Art Gallery of NSW. A British Romantic painter who migrated to Tasmania shortly after completing this painting in the Lake District.

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