Kim Scott That Deadman Dance 1


Kim Scott standing under the “skirt” of a Black Boy/ Grass Tree (Xanthorea Australis)- Courtesy of Australian Book Review.

Thank you all for your participation in today’s lecture and the tutorials. It was good to see such an engagement and an interest in the plight of our Indigenous cousins. And clearly it is powerful for us to hear people like Kim Scott and Richard Flanagan express their own well-worked-out sense of what is important for Australians of all colours to know. Their subject is hugely important to our nation and in fact to the world.

Listen again to Kim Scott and Richard Flanagan at these links (click on their names)

I have posted the audio lecture and tutorial and other relevant bits and pieces at the end of this blog. Here now are some more questions that you might chose from for your first blog:

(Critical) Of all the poems we have looked at in the last two weeks (either in lectures or tutorials) which struck home most forcibly for you? Can you say why? Give a short synopsis of what it was about the poem that touched your thoughts and/or feelings.

(Creative) Take the first line of any one of the poems we have looked at in the last two weeks and use it as the first line of a poem of your own.  Where possible try to use the shape, the form of the original poem that triggered your attempt.

(Critical) Find a story in the media in the last two weeks that sheds light on the continuing difficulties faced by Indigenous communities in our country. Write a brief commentary on the story you have chosen. Can you offer any solutions to the dilemma as you see it.

(Critical/Creative) Write a letter to Kim Scott telling him how much you appreciate how he has helped to open your ideas to the inner wealth of indigenous people.

(Creative)  Starting with the phrase “a yellow moon appearing in the sky” describe a landscape that you really love, using some of the stylistic devices that Kim Scott uses in “painting” Bobby’s vision of the world around him.

(Critical) Write to a friend explaining to them why they should read That Dead Man Dance.

Remember also that you are permitted to create your own topic as long as it links in some way to your experience of the subject of the week.

Lecture (please note that the first five minutes were not recorded- these covered some questions related to blogging and your URLs):

Slides for Lecture Kim Scott 1

Slides KS Wk1

Tutorial 4:

Elaine’s Slides: PDF Tut 3

Michael’s White Board:


Young Dancers at the Garma Festival


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